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In 20X8, Dr. Concepta McInness is an up-and-coming expert in the world of practical memetics, a field involving a little bit of knowledge from the wrong side of the science/magic divide. Nobody's quite sure where it came from, but the science is developing impressively, and it looks like this entirely new field of information theory could easily be the biggest leap in human knowledge since the splitting of the atom.

Then a thesis that nobody expected falls out of nowhere, sending shockwaves through the academic community – in the process, she's sucked down a well of conspiracies, online intrigue and culture shock that seems to be building up to something gloriously bad for the world at large. Accompanied by a rag-tag group of hacker magicians, martial arts nuts and transhumanists, Concepta starts gunning to take down the Newest World Order.

alt.comp.thaum is a web serial written by Aiden Eldritch, featuring magic, computers, memetics and a global conspiracy that came into existence last Wednesday. It's steeped in 80s nostalgia, cyberpunk and counter-culture. For a spoiler-free experience, you may want to start reading here.